Explorer, Author, Filmmaker, and Public Speaker 

Professional Adventurer-Explorer Justin Barbour shares his expeditions and outdoor life. In 2017, Justin and his dog Saku trekked 700 kilometres across Newfoundland’s wilderness by foot, snowshoe and pack-raft. The popular YouTube series of that trip can be viewed above.

Justin and Saku’s 2017 expedition is detailed in Justin’s bestselling memoir titled: Man and Dog: Through the Newfoundland Wilderness as well as Saku’s Great Newfoundland Adventure, a youth focused outdoor education book told from Saku’s point of view, which have just been released in bookstores. You can get yours HERE.

In 2018, the duo set off on a new adventure, travelling 1000 kilometres by canoe and foot across Labrador and into Northern Quebec. With documentations from that expedition Barbour plans to continue creating conversation about the outdoors and inspiring others through his writing, films and speaking engagements.

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