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My name is Justin and I love life in the country. I joke and say that I was born in the wrong era because I am more at home living in the wilderness than I am in civilization. I envy the old ways of existing such as a trapper, voyageur or early explorer.
This blog documents my outdoor life. Here I will share my passion for that life and learning experiences had along the way. I want to get more people on the trail but also create conversation on the topic and educate others on it. Hopefully by doing so, we as a whole will further utilize, appreciate, and respect all the riches that nature offers. I will use pictures, videos, writing, presentations and whatever else I come up with to tell a story, deliver a message or showcase a scene. On my travels I prefer self-propelled movement. I like to hike, paddle, ski, snowshoe, climb, claw and anything else that moves me by my own power. Especially in my home province of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.
Along the way I fish, forage and hunt when possible. For pure enjoyment but also subsistence. I go on long challenging expeditions that combine all activities but also do shorter relaxed trips. Both are in tents and improvised shelters. I often have my dogs Saku and Bear along for the ride. Being on an adventure fills my soul and makes me feel alive. I step outside my comfort zone and live life to the maximum. I hope I can inspire you to do the same.


Never give up!


Upper Red Wine Portage.jpg
Justin Barbour “Newfoundland Explorer” shares adventure and outdoor life within the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. Some of his large personal expeditions include canoeing 1000 km’s across the desolate Labrador Peninsula (2018) and snowshoeing/ packrafting /hiking 700 km’s across Newfoundland’s rugged wilderness (2017). Both trips were solo along with his sidekick Saku. He has also hiked and canoed 120 km’s across the island’s Avalon Peninsula and paddled 60 km’s down a portion of Labrador’s untamed Sandhill River.
He is a school teacher (B.ED. B.P.E.), explorer, author, keynote speaker, and YouTube filmmaker. In 2018 his 1000km trip was supported by The Royal Canadian Geographical Society and he wrote about it for Canadian Geographic. His other interests include hockey, music and cooking.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to the Site!

  1. I have travelled much of the same country. All the aAvalon wilderness area and much of the Bay du Nord.
    Great to see another traveller ofthe backcountry who doesn’t use an atv.
    I am also interested in the use of a pack raft here on the island.

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    1. Hi Dan,
      There is no better way to explore the backcountry than by self propelled means. You really slow things down and get to truly appreciate your surroundings. The pack raft is a beast! There is no pond to far away. There are a few posts on it and I will be having more in the near future stay tuned.


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