NL Explorer and Saku YouTube Channel Plus Other Exciting News!

Below is the LINK to my YOUTUBE CHANNEL trailer, check it out and if you enjoy, there are plenty more episodes to watch:

For those of you who are interested and have yet to check out my Youtube Channel, the link of course is above. Please subscribe if you enjoy. Between everything else in my life, I try to get at least one video minimum up per month. I have ten in total at the moment. In the last three months I have gained 2500 subscribers, more than I ever could have believed, exciting times! Thanks to all the existing subs!

With regards to the Crossing Newfoundland documentary, it is still a real thing. I am steadily working with a production company to refine and get it out to the largest audience possible, with the mindset of showing off our one of a kind province and my strong appreciation for its outdoors, to the world. The book is also near completion, but will not see the shelves until early next year. As well, Saku may also have his own children’s book on the horizon, that’s what he tells me anyways. Please stay tuned!


Justin and Saku

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